Antonovka Apple

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Sold in Bundles of 10, 25, 100, and 1,000

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Antonovka is likely the world's most versatile apple.  A proven disease-resistant and well-anchored rootstock, Antonovka also produces a quality apple without grafting.  The best option for permaculturalists, orchardists, and silvopastoralists with a multi-generational legacy in mind.  Maintained Antonovka trees regularly live 100+ years and have reliably weathered Russian winters since 1750.

Remember, you can enjoy Antonovka apples from this tree, or you may graft ANY other apple variety to it with our V-Grafter tool.

We ship trees 3/8"+ in diameter and 4-6' in height.  Perfect for direct planting of a multipurpose and cold-hardy tree or benchgrafting to a different variety.

Full-sized apple trees, with VERY large fruit.

Hardy USDA Zone 3-9