$ 99.00 $ 441.00

Precision Steel Blades Graft Wood 1/8 in. to 1-3/4 in. 

This well-designed and effective tool cuts the long V cleft grafts most popular in Europe. This is a precision instrument that uses two matching blades that can be removed, sharpened or replaced. The grafter can be bench mounted, or used loose for fieldwork.

How Does it Work?

The stock is placed in a grooved guide for a precision cut. The handle operates exactly like a pruners, and is spring loaded to open, ready for the next cut.

The v-cut matches perfectly with the rootstock. It's important the selected scion wood is of similar size as the stock to be grafted. This ensures the cambium layers fit neatly together.  Grafts are taped as normal with parafilm or other suitable tape.

Major timesaver tool, made of high-quality diecast components.