Waterford Stanley Cookstove Hot Water Jacket

$ 397.00

The ultimate piece of homestead resilience is wood-fired domestic hot water.  This modern addition to the popular Waterford Stanley wood cookstove produces unlimited hot water via thermosiphon. 

Built from 3/16" wall, TIG-welded 316 SS.  This beefy tank of stainless steel has the engineering to make any stove an off-gridder or economical on-gridder's dream.

1" NPT male nipples protrude from the rear of the stove for connection to pipe unions.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  The thin 304 SS tanks provided by other retailers are built for UK applications, and the 1" BSPT (British Standard Pipe Thread)  are NOT compatible with North American NPT pipe fittings.  You will have $150 in adapters after you deal with all of the leaks if purchasing from the "other folks".

This item is a complete water jacket kit.  This does not include a stove.