10' Deer Dominator Fence Post

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The Deer Dominator post was developed to completely eliminate deer browse in orchards, gardens, and entire crop fields.  

120" long (10 ft) x 7/8" diameter, these solid fiberglass posts are double-coated with epoxy resin for a bright white finish with a 25 year warranty.  Pre-drilled every two inches, high tensile fence can be built at a very high speed by attaching wire alongside the post and tying it in place with a u-clip of wire.

Driving the post 2' into the ground will build a very tall and stout 8' tall deer fence.  Alternatively, you may also drive 2-3 screws through the pre-drilled holes into the wooden posts of an existing fence, or wire it to steel t-posts of an existing fence for a full 10' tall Deer Dominator fence.

Any number of wires may be easily electrified, as the entire post acts as an insulator.

Strong, resilient, fast.  Deer domination.