4-Year Old Chestnut Trees!

$ 249.00


TOP PRODUCER of edible nuts, period.  The mast of these trees feed entire cultures.  From Thanksgiving stuffing, to gluten-free flour, to autumn hog feed, chestnuts are the base of perennial culture.

Chinese Chestnut Castanea mollissima, the heavy-yielding chestnut bred to be immune to the American chestnut blight.

All our trees are grown from selected variety parentage, including varieties 'Qing', 'Mossbarger' and 'Sleeping Giant', giving optimum balance of yield, genetic diversity, and precocity.

Quick to bear, typically within 4-5 years from planting.

4'-8' in height and FOUR YEARS OLD. Bareroot trees, shipped dormant and ready to plant.

Dollar-for-dollar, these are the best trees in the USA.

Cold-hardy in USDA Zone 5-9.  

Some trees will grow in USDA Zone 4, but expect nature to conduct some freeze selection.


Nuts 40-60 nuts/lb.  
Soil Type Tolerates sand to clay loam, prefers uplands
Leaves serrated margins.
Hardiness Zone Range 5-9, marginally zone 4.
Growth Rate Moderate

 Nuts, honeybee pollen

USDA Hardiness Zones 5-9