Dolgo Crab - Pollinator & Cider Apple

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Heralded as a blossom-heavy pollinator tree in diverse orchards, Dolgo is a friend to many.  Fragrant spring blossoms are appreciated by bees and noses alike.  Harvest heavy fruit yields, for sweet eating or press as heirloom cider juice.

Dolgo originated with Professor Niels Ebbesen Hansen of Dakota State University from seeds collected by him in 1897 at the Russia Imperial Botanical Garden, St. Petersburg. A small oblong red apple (hence its Russian name which means "long"), tart-sweet and very tasty with a hint of strawberry. If picked just before fully ripe they gel easily and make an attractive red jelly. Scab, powdery mildew, cedar apple rust, and fire blight resistant. Also resists sunscald. Ripens mid to late September. 

Hardy to USDA Zone 3-9.

Shipped as bareroot 3/8"+ diameter stock, Dolgo crab is a quick-growing tree perfect for direct planting.