NATO 5 Gallon Jerry Can

$ 79.99

The real deal, made in Europe of top-quality materials.  5.3 US Gallon (20 liters) capacity, CARB compliant with pour spout.  

The finest fuel can you'll ever own.  Available in Red (Gasoline), Yellow (Diesel), Blue (Kerosene), Olive Drab (MIlitary) and Black (Unclassified).

Can Features:

  • Made out of 0.9mm pickled sheet steel
  • Unique wide channel breather smooth pouring
  • Lined to prevent rusting with a petrol, oil, or alcohol resistant coating.
  • The cap has additional protection of locking pin (International patent) to ensure it cannot be opened accidentally
  • The Bayonet closure is completely leakproof with the can in any position
  • Manufactured and tested to comply with: Australian Standard – AS2906, Sweden Standard – SP, German Standard – TUV/GS & Dangerous goods approvals – UN
  • EPA and CARB approved for sale in all states.

Spout Features

  • Comes with an Unleaded Auto Filler Adapter
  • Works on all Gasoline vehicles with included adapter
  • Works on all Diesel and equipment tanks
  • Flow rate is fast
  • No Leaks

(L x W x H): 6.5 x 13.5 x 18.5
Weight: 12lbs


Red = Gasoline

 Olive Drab = Military

Yellow = Diesel Fuel

Blue = Kerosene

Black = Unclassified