Pawpaw Trees

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Pawpaw Asimina triloba

The pawpaw is a native fruit tree found in both bottom-land and hilly upland habitat, with large, simple leaves and large fruits. The paw paw is the largest edible fruit indigenous to the United States.

Pawpaws have a unique growth habit, with striking landscape-quality silhouette. Roots, bark, and leaves have a curious "smoky" fragrance.

We grow seedling trees from selected variety parents.  Every pawpaw tree may bear fruit, but you must have two or more trees for pollination.

Known for it's quercetin content in fruit and bark, with potential herbal uses.

We ship TWO YEAR OLD bare root trees.  Transplanted pawpaws benefit from being well watered when planted.

An informational course on pawpaws is available at


Fruit Large, custard flavor.  Yellow to green skin, yellow to orange flesh
Soil Type Tolerates sand to clay and everything in between
Leaves large, dark green
Hardiness Zone Range 5-9
Growth Rate Moderate


USDA Hardiness Zones 5-9